On-Site Facilities Management

To an Elliott-Lewis customer, facilities management is worry-free. As building environments become more complex, with one system’s proper functioning dependent upon another system, it makes sense to centralize maintenance responsibility. It pays to bring in specialists, like Elliott-Lewis, to manage the job. Maintaining a safe working environment is a critical aspect of doing business. By contracting for total system maintenance, your staff can concentrate on your core business rather than expending precious time and resources on maintenance. Instead of supporting and managing an in-house maintenance staff and dealing with different contractors to keep all systems in operation, several leading organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region have contracted with Elliott-Lewis for the entire package. By assuming full accountability, we have become an integral part of government and private entities, providing on-site staffing, wide-ranging services, and round-the-clock backup resources. We concentrate on keeping the systems operationally efficient so that your management staff can concentrate on doing business.

On-site Facilities Management Services Include:

• Property management
• Project management
• Building operations
• Telecommunications
• Mechanical operations
• Janitorial
• Landscaping
• Security
• Disaster recovery
• HVAC operations
• Pest control programs
• Waste disposal
• Snow removal
• Asset management
• Window cleaning
• Logistics support
• Purchasing
• Materials handling and rigging
• Parking facilities management



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